Friday, July 11, 2008

Square Foot Gardening

Our soil is not the best quality at our house. I admit, I don't have a very green thumb.. but Randy has grown up with gardens all of his life. We've tried planting some already-growing tomatoes, and some sunflower seeds, but the tomatoes did not take, and the seeds did not grow. That is why I was pretty excited when I found out about Square Foot Gardening.

You build boxes above the ground where you put Mel's special mixture. Even though we don't have a very large yard, we will be able to do this. You can actually grow more in less space than you would in a traditional row garden.

Frugal Dad has a great blog post on "How to build a square foot garden." One of the things that the reviewers of the book at Amazon have to say is that the vermiculite for Mel's mix is a little hard to find sometimes. Fortunately they have listed some of their tips in their reviews.

I doubt we will try this this before next summer. Hopefully that will give us enough time to find all the needed items and learn more about it. =o)

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