Monday, July 7, 2008

Great BPA/ Sippy Cup article..

Have you heard the news that came out recently about BPA (bisophenol-A)? Unless you are a Mom you might not have, but it's a hot topic on many mommy oriented forums. BPA is a hormone/chemical most often found in polycarbonate plastics. (i.e. baby bottles & sippy cups are made of these). I stumbled across a great blog today.. "Battle of the BPA free sippy cups" at Nature Mom's Blog. She does a great job breaking down some of the information on BPA!

When Avery was born, we started out using Dr. Browns bottles made of polycarbonate. I knew that there was stuff going around about BPA, but had not really read any of it myself and just thought it was people over reacting. Then I found out Canada outlawed it and had pulled it from all of their shelves. I started reading the articles, and finally decided that I'd rather make a change then risk giving my baby hormones in her bottles. I had stumbled across another great article talking about how only the bottles and not the inserts, etc. on the Dr. Browns bottles had BPA in them, and how they could be used with Evenflo plastic bottles which are BPA free (and $2.99 for a 3 pack at target) after trimming the straw-looking part of the inserts. My husband Randy trimmed them for me and we've been using these bottles ever since.

Since this time Dr. Browns has come out with a BPA free bottle. We love our Dr. Browns bottles, so I recommend the BPA free kind if you are looking for any. =o)

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