Sunday, July 20, 2008


I'm not sure it's even possible.. but I'm hoping to be more inspired by Minimalist posts like this one. I have no intention of getting THAT lean with my clothing... but I could definitely use some purging. Our house is overrun with clutter right now... and I can't really blame it on Avery or Randy.. it's mostly me.

ETA: Well I put inspiration to action. I didn't do anything with my main closet as Avery & Randy are sleeping.. but I went through all the clothes I had stored in the spare bedroom... I have 1 small tupperware container that I've alotted stuff I can keep .. (mostly my absolute favorite clothes for Avery when she gets older). I have one other small tupperware container that i've alotted for clothes for crafts (turn into clothes for Avery). Outside of that I have one huge blue container full, and one larger (okay extra large) box filled with clothes to get rid of. I also already had a backpack filled with shoes that no longer fit since I had Avery. Earlier this week I had went through my book shelves in the spare room and have 2 large boxes of those (possibly to use some for trade?) ... now if I can only convince Randy to get rid of the bed & night stand in that room that we never use, I can actually have a working craft room. :D

ETA2: Picture update! None of these pictures are the most interesting.. but it will give you an idea of what I've cleaned out so far. When we go to have the yardsale, I'll figure out total numbers.. but wayyyy more than I need!


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