Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Beginning to Recycle

I have never lived anywhere that had curb-side recycling.. and I'm ashamed to admit that it never occured to me to search these places out. With our recent switch to cloth diapering, it's really opened my eyes to what we could be recycling. I've been playing phone tag with the gentleman at our local Recycling center for weeks now.. and I finally caught him on the phone today. Here are the items they accept:

* Glass (clear & plastic)
* Plastics (1,2,5 & 6)
* Cardboard
* Paper (newspaper & office)
* Magazines
* Yardwaste
* Scrap metal
* Aluminum

Once we take it to the recycling center we will put it into the bins with like items, so we do not have to package it up. I was expecting them to only say 1&2 for plastics.. so I'm real happy about 5&6 (i.e. my yogurt containers are 5's I believe!)

This past weekend Randy & I picked up our trashcans to set up for recycling. (Will come back and insert picture here). I'm really excited about this!

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