Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Baby Interaction

My little girl Avery is just a little over 5 months old. You could always tell that she just loves social interaction.. with kids, babies, adults, you name it. It has been fun to see her really start interacting more and more with others. When it comes to playing though, at this age babies are more likely to play side by side than with each other. I took Avery in to daycare this morning, and there was a new little girl there. I put Avery down to play on the playmat nearby. The new little girl crawled over and (to my surprise.. and Avery's too) began hitting Avery on her head. Now I know the little girl this age doesn't really know what she's doing. She just wanted to "play" with (as the daycare provider called it) her new toy. LOL. Avery didn't really fuss about it at first, although I did go over to reposition her a little bit. Before I left though? Avery had moved back to the other little girl and was hitting the little girl on HER head. Retaliation? I don't know.. LOL.. I wouldn't think she could comprehend it at this age.. but when I said "Avery, don't hit her just because she hit you." ... she did look at me like "Why not Mom?" I'm thinking she's been watching too much Gladiator with Daddy?

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