Friday, August 29, 2008

First Words..

Okay.. so when do you count a word as a first word? Do you count it if they don't repeat it more than once?

For the last week or two Avery has been saying "Hi" while waving at daycare. I haven't heard it although I was there once when she did it. We've been trying over and over to get her to do it at home with no results. Her favorite thing to say is "Ah" and she likes to "Ah" back and forth with everyone (including several of the other babies at her daycare.. apparantly she's a bit of a trend setter.. )

We've been trying to get her to say Mommy, Daddy, Mama, Dada.. etc. for awhile now..

Tonight she was rolling around, looked at me and said "Mama." She didn't repeat it, but both Randy & I heard it...

Then, a co-worker of mine gave me a 3 foot tall giraffe for Avery. It was a much belated shower gift, and I had brought it in and Avery was examining it, patting it, etc. My DH & I were discussing names.. and I looked at Avery and asked what she wanted to name it and she said "Daddy." She wouldn't repeat that one either. (Her timing was just perfect though! Very funny!)

I don't know whether to count any of these as first words as they could have all been coincidences.. .. but how funny! Two one time words in one night. I told her if she wanted to go ahead and crawl tonight she could be 3 for 3, but she didn't go for it. Funny girl!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Avery received mail..

Yesterday Avery received a "Begin Smark Books" book and DVD sample in the mail. I do remember signing up for a giveaway on the 5 minute for books blog (but I didn't win). I have no idea what I did to get the book & DVD for free. ... if I remember I'll let you know. The book is Yummy Yummy. I haven't had a chance to check out the DVD yet. I want to say I remember filling out some kind of a survey on the site.. but I haven't been able to find a trace of it. Mommy brain has apparantly set in.

Blog Giveaway's Carnival

Check it out.

T-Shirts to Newborn gowns..

I might have to pull this one out for some baby gifts sometime.. toooooo cute..

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Simpler Life Blogs?

I want to come back and check out these 100 blogs when I have more time.

Silly Songs with Alley: Vol 1

I don't know why.. but I'm always making up new lyrics to songs and singing them to Avery. Here is a current "favorite" of both of ours...

Sung to Michael Jacksons "Beat It" in reference to Avery's bottle.

Heat It... Heat It.... Heat It so that I can Eat It...
It's been in the fridge.. so it is cold.. but it won't take long for you to.. just Heat it ...

'cause I want to eat that.. Just Heat It... Heat It.. Heat It so that I can Eat It...


Now if I could just get it out of my head!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Coming up for Air..

Avery has been sick for the last few days. She's been sick before, but not like this. I think she had a little bit of everything! It started off with a cough.. and she quickly added diarrhea, a diaper rash, a runny nose & sneezing, a high temperature (103.3 at the highest), an ear ache, and a few bouts of vomitting. All that.. and she's chewing on her tongue and drooling so I believe she's really starting to teeth too. My normally happy girl.. has been feeling awful, and pretty much attached at my hip. Everytime I tried to lay her in her own crib she would wake up crying. Everytime I've changed a diaper she would cry due to the diaper rash. Although we normally cloth diaper.. I can't use the diaper rash cream we usually love because it works within one usage directly on the cloth diapers, so I've been alternating with disposables... but the diarrhea just aggervates it no matter what I do.

We went to the doctor yesterday, and due to the high temp, and the infected ear, they gave her an antibiotic shot. She's also on antibiotics for 10 days. Avery still gets some breast milk, but is on mostly formula (My body has been slowly trying to wean for awhile now). The doctor gave me an anti diarrhea formula, and that really seems to have helped. Her fever has broken, and I've finally been able to let her sleep in her swing for a bit.. or let her play in her exersaucer and get a few minutes away.

I'm so glad she's feeling better and more like herself. Usually when she's asleep I've done necessary things (i.e. make bottles, pump, shower, eat, etc..).. but the last few days have made doing just normal things more difficult unless Randy has been home.

I need mental rest as well as physical.. so I know this isn't that interesting.. just what life has been like the last few days.

Oddly enough.. I've got a lot of reading done. Since she wanted to be held while she slept, I kept a book nearby. I went through 2 in the last 2 days.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Medela Freestyle Breastpump..

I've been pretty much an exclusive pumper for my baby. I just found out about the new Medela Freestyle Breastpump. If I had the extra money lying around I'd buy one this minute! It's just a little more expensive than the Pump In Style Advance. Medela makes a great product.