Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Ever blown up the engine on your car?

.. I have. On the interestate even. More later.

ETA: I just realized I didn't come back and update this! On my way home from work, I noticed I was having trouble with my airconditioner keeping the car cool. I had even called Randy and asked if he would look at it when I got home. I was driving along with the radio off when I thought I heard noise like the radio. I realized I was having trouble keeping up speed, so got into the slow lane as soon as I could. It was less than a minute before I had lost speed almost entirely. I eased to the side, and there was a (small) explosion with white smoke. I kept coasting as long as I could, and made it just short of the 3/4 mile sign to my exit. A nice gentleman in the Air National Guard who was on his way home pulled over almost immediately. He saw what had happened and helped Avery & me get over the railing so we wouldn't be right on the interstate while we waited on Randy to come. (on a side note, those signs on the side of the interstate? HUGE! Much larger than they seem while you are driving.) Fortunately Randy was just a few miles away and came and picked us up. It seems I didn't blow up the ENTIRE engine.. just the head gaskets? (Nope, don't know what that means, but thats what Randy tells me). I have a 10 year power train warranty on my car (a 2001), so Randy is having it towed to the dealership on Friday. Thank God that it turned out the way it did!

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