Saturday, July 5, 2008

Books Free & Free Books...

More than a year ago now, I stumbled across a listing in a local magazine for Books Free. I think most people have heard of mail order movies by now.. such as Netflix or Blockbuster. This is the same concept... except with books instead of movies. This is such a great alternative for someone who doesn't have easy access to the library and wants to read more without buying every book they want to read. My mom jumped all over the idea as soon as she heard of it. She lives in a tiny place, and never read as much as she wanted to because of the lack of storage space. She graciously let me add some of my own books to her list, so I got to try it out through her. It really was great! One of my best friends found out about it from me, and since she does a lot of traveling with her job, she subscribed to to the books on CD version on the site. Definitely not for everyone, but worth looking into if you read a lot. =o)

... Speaking of Books. Do you know about Project Gutenberg? The first time I stumbled across this, I felt like I had discovered an electronic treasure. Project Gutenberg is an effort to digitalize full texts of public domain books. You can read them online, download them to your computer or palm.. and there are even some songs on there. I especially recommend checking out the books by Grace Livingston Hill or L.M. Montgomery.

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