Thursday, April 2, 2009

Buzzzz & Raspberries

A few days ago, Randy was reading Avery a story, and there was a picture of a bee. He said Buzz and did some buzz-buzz-buzz tickling. Now, every time Avery sees a bee in one of her books or hears us say it or buzz, she takes our hands and has us buzz/tickle her.

For awhile now she's also been fascinated with raspberries on the belly. (Not sure if I mentioned it before or not). Most of the time she wants Me (Mommy) to give Daddy a raspberry on his belly. She will pull our shirts up and "pretend raspberry" and gets a big kick out of it. My favorite (that almost always makes me giggle) is when she pulls my shirt up and tries to pull my head down so I can give myself a raspberry on my belly. Yep.. not going to happen baby. LOL.

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